On information attacks against Sputnik V vaccine

Attacks in the press against the Sputnik vaccine COVID that are based on wrong and misleading information from anonymous sources have intensified recently after official studies showed that mRNA vaccines' efficacy against the Delta strain of COVID-19 falls to below 50% in just five months. At the same time, the one-component Sputnik Light is showing higher efficacy against Delta three months after vaccination than the two-component mRNA vaccines. Real-world analysis confirmed that Sputnik V shows superior efficacy and longer-lasting immunity compared to mRNA vaccines.

In addition, an October study in the The New England Journal of Medicine showed that human adenoviral vector vaccine just like Sputnik Light induce 10 times stronger antibody and T-cell response 8 months after vaccination than mRNA vaccines.

Instead of attacking Sputnik, we urge Western mRNA vaccine producers to consider using the one-component Sputnik Light as a booster to help them achieve stronger immunity that lasts longer.

We ask the media not to rely on inaccurate anonymous sources and, on important issues, to use the official position of regulators.

Unscrupulous media attacks organized by some big pharma companies are unethical and delay vaccination programs around the world thereby facilitating emergence of new virus mutations and costing lives.

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