The Gamaleya Center statement on increasing the interval between first and second Sputnik V vaccine shots

Alexander Gintsburg, MD, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Gamaleya Research Centre:

"Regarding the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine designed by our Gamaleya Research Centre, we believe it is possible to increase the minimum interval between the first and second vaccine shots from the earlier approved 21 days up to three months. Extending the interval will not affect the vaccine-induced immune response, and, in some cases, will enhance and prolong it.

This conclusion comes from our experience in using vaccines using the identical adenovirus platform and, most importantly, from successful mass vaccination campaigns in Russia and numerous other countries. As the developers of the vaccine, we also support the earlier, independently made statements by respected health regulators, such as the ANMAT (Argentina), on extending the interval between shots.

We also believe that, given the exceptionally high demand for the vaccine among the population, this decision would significantly expedite immunization. We believe that it is up to each national regulator to decide whether to retain the 21-day interval between shots or to extend it to up to 3 months.”

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