The official statement from the Gamaleya Center on the results of Sputnik V vaccine tests performed in Slovakia

From the submitted results, it is obvious that the analysis was carried out absolutely incorrectly:

1. Wrong method used for determination of RCA titer - TCID50 determination instead of plaque formation reaction.

2. Data on recombinant adenovirus 26 serotype that have no biological sense have been obtained. This virus cannot recombine in HEK 293 cells and form RCA. An absolute nonsense is the detection of an RCA titer of 10^2.5 TCID50.

3. From the data obtained, it is obvious that not only the wrong method was chosen for the analysis, but also the basic ratio of viral particles per cell (vp / cell) was violated. An inadequately high vp / cell was used, where the direct cytotoxic effect of the vector manifests itself. As a result, the direct cytotoxic effect of viral particles is assessed (this phenomenon has been repeatedly described in the literature) instead of detecting independent RCA replication.

We consider this not just a deviation from the current normative documentation (RCA titer analysis), but also an example of extremely low scientific qualifications of the experts conducting this analysis.

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