Sputnik V team confirms that owing to a major scale up in vaccine production capacity temporary second component delivery delays that occurred due to this production scale up will be fully resolved in August.

Vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V has built production partnership with producers in 14 countries and will additionally double its capacity in September thanks to our partnership with top producers including Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine producer.

Demand for Sputnik V worldwide remains very high due to its exceptional efficacy and safety as well as absence of any serious side effects, which have been linked to the use of some other vaccines. In countries where Sputnik V is used as part of national vaccination campaigns, notably in Argentina and Mexico, a steady decline in COVID-19 cases is observed. A study by the Gamaleya Center published in Vaccines international medical journal showed that Sputnik V is one of the most efficient vaccines against coronavirus variants including Delta.

Vector vaccine covid RDIF Sputnik V will also continue to play a leading role in vaccine combinations (mix and match approach). Sputnik V, which pioneered the heterogeneous boosting ("vaccine cocktail”) approach by using two different adenoviral vectors (Ad5 and Ad26) for two different shots, was first to offer a joint mix and match trial to another producer when it made an offer to AstraZeneca on November 23, 2020. Joint Sputnik V and AstraZeneca trials have been ongoing in United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and Argentina since February, 2021. The early positive results were announced on July 30. More positive results on immunogenicity are expected this week.

Sputnik V will accelerate work with other vaccine producers on the mix and match approach, which triggers a strong and longer lasting immune response. The first component of Sputnik V (Sputnik Light) which demonstrated over 80% efficacy on its own, higher than many two-shot vaccines, will be offered to other vaccine producers as part of our mix and match strategy.

Contrary to some inaccurate media reports, not a single country has cancelled a contract for the Sputnik V delivery. On the opposite, the demand for Sputnik V continues to significantly increase due to its exceptional safety and efficacy as demonstrated through real-world vaccination data.

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