Felix Ershov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Professor

The creation of an effective coronavirus vaccine is a landmark event not only for Russian science and industry, but also for the entire world. Vaccination has been and remains the most effective way to combat viruses. It is now quite clear that without a vaccine, it will never be possible to completely overcome this pandemic.

By working consistently and building on previous achievements, the Gamaleya Institute managed to frame the correct operating algorithm and successfully implement it. This vaccine is not integral as was the case in earlier vaccines (live or inactivated virus). It was engineered using advanced biotechnology.

The safety of the vaccine is guaranteed, since it employs a cold virus that is harmless to humans and does not contain the coronavirus itself, while only a part of its genetic code is present, thereby ruling out the possibility of infection. But the production of antibodies necessary to protect the body is ensured, as shown not only by the test results, but also by the use of other vaccines of this type.

Bottom line: we have obtained an effective tool which is capable of winning the war against the pandemic!

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